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Formula No. 1

For Hiqh-Low Blood Pressure and Cardiac Diseases

Pathologically Blood Pressure are of 2 types :-  Hi-Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and Low Blood Pressure.

Low Blood Pressure :- The hypotension of peripheral blood vessels causes vasodilatation which results in low blood pressure. Symptoms like Headache, Restlessness, Nausea, Laziness etc.

Hypertension :- Pathological value of cholestrol deposited in peripheral and cranial blood vessels that causes sclerosis and contraction of blood vessels. Cardiac output increases to compensate their work, resulting in Peripheral Blood Pressure increase, known as Hypertension.

Symptoms : like Cardiac pain, Vertigo, Restlessness, Giddiness, Heart attack.

Low and High Blood Pressure if not treated can create more serious problems like Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Brain Haemorrhage etc. The medicinal contents of this formula cures the cardiac diseases, controls the blood pressures and normalises the blood cholesterol value and also makes the body healthy.

Formula No. 2

For Diabetes Melltus
Deficiency of insulin causes Diabetes melitus which occurs
due to disorder or Pancreas and Spleen. Symptoms of this
disease :- Poly Urea, Glyco Urea, Blood Sugar, Vertigo, Body
ache, Eye sight weakness, Backache, Joint-pain, General Malaise.
If not treated then it becomes chronical & that causes cardiac
diseases, Renal diseases, Hypenension, Decreases the Healing
power of wound and converts into unhealed ulcers. The medicinal
contents of this formula are very useful for diabetic patients. This
medicine cures the diabetes and also both Insulin Depended
Diabetes melitus (IDDM) and Non-Insulin Depended Diabetes
melitus (NIDDM) disorders and improves pancreatic functioning
and normalizes the blood sugar values and makes the body healthy.

Formula No. 3

For Gnaecologlcal Problems
Lecorrhea, Metrorrhea, Menstruation disorder,
Dysmenorrhea, General Malaise, Weakness, Pale Face, Buming
Sensation in hands and feet, Cardiac Weakness, Constipation,
Joint Pains. Distorted Vata causes dysmenorrhea. Big belly due
to deposition of fat. The medicinal contents of this formula are very
useful in these problems. This medicine removes these problems
and generates fresh blood, regulates the menstruation. During
Pregnancy it is very useful and delivery occurs normal, at proper
time, no pale face, anaemia after delivery. If not treated these
ladies problems develop into Psychiatric problems like Hysteria,
Hypertension, Hyperacidity, Piles etc. This formula removes all
gnaecological problems and makes the body healthy.

Formula No. 4

For Children General Tonlc
In children hepatitis disorder causes indigestion,
Constipation, Anaemia, Weakness oi brain, Pale face, problem
in learning and retaining, body weakness, laziness, cough, cold,
pnaemonia, etc. impure blood causes black patches, boils on
face, Eye sight weakness etc. The medicinal contents of this
formula are very useful in these problems in children and improves
the appetite and generates the fresh blood. Child becomes Solid
and Healthy.

Formula No. 5

for Allergic Disorders and Asthma
Denatured mucus released from frontal sinuses and
poured into NASO-pharynx and pro-pharynx. When it pours into
nasal pharynx, it is called cold or Hhinitis. When it pours into oral-
pharynx, then it is called Corzyea. These are due to Dust &
unfavourable smell, called Allergy. Symptoms like sneezing, septet
defect, nasal polyps, Headache, Migrane, Phargeal irritation etc.
Asthma occurs due to inflammation and obstruction of
Bronchi and Trachea, which narrows the Bronchial tree and results
in Dysphonea, Productive and dry cough, Lungs congestion, Deep
breathing, congestive chest, weakness, Restlessness etc.The
medicinal contents of this formula are useful in treating the above
diseases and eradicates these problems for ever.

Formula No. 6

For Renal Calculus (Stone)
Kidney stone, urinary bladder or gall bladder stone causes
pain at corresponding regions. Symptoms like :- Dysurea, painful
micturition, recurrent micturition with burning sensation,
Haematuria, obstmctive micturition, recurrent pyrexia, backache,
pain radiates loin to groin, Renal disorders. These also cause
digestive problems like gas, Acidity and Anaemia. The medicinal
contents of this formula crushes the stone and excreates it through
urine and also prevents the reoccurence of calculi formation.

Formula No. 7

For Lecoderma and Skin Diseases
Lecoderma occurs due to nursing disorders of skin. The
weakness of digestive power of skin causes improper digestion oi
skin meal that forms indigestive kara which forms white patches.
Symptoms like small, large reddish, blackish patches appear.

Skin diseases like Fungal infection, Ring worm infection, Scabies,
eczema, boils etc. If not treated, these diseases convert into serious
skin diseases. The medicinal contents of this formula removes these
diseases from root.

Formula No. 8

General Tonic
This general tonic is very useful in following disorders such
as any type of body weakness, indigestion, Hepatitic disorder, Loss
of appetite, Hypoproteinamia, Bodyache, Vertigo, reduced retaining
power, Eye-sight weakness, application of spectacles, mental and
cardiac weakness, Tumour, Decalafication of bones, noctumal
discharge or Night fall due to distorted heat or mental weakness.
This general tonic is used to remove all above disorders and tones
up our body and semen composition. It improves sexual power of
male markedly and body becomes fresh like Rose Flower. This
tonic may be used by healthy individual and prevents the occurence
of Diabetes melitus and blood pressure etc. This general tonic may
be used by both male and female.

Formula No. 9

For Having Issues
Healthy male and healthy female are able to bear a normal
healthy baby. A baby develops from mobile, active and normal
sperm. Due to some reasons, abnormal sperms are generated,
sperm count reduces, watery seminal discharge occurs. Cellular
pinion decreased, non-mobile, non-active sperm, unable to bear a
baby. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful which
activates the testicles and increases production of semen, improves
its density, mobility and activity. Male is able to bear a baby even
after 20 years of marriage.
Female must be healthy for bearing a baby. Some reasons
which obstruct pregnancy are :- Endometrosls, Cervitis,
Retrogradeuterus, Menstruational problems, more acidic nature
of uterus, and many other causes. The medicinal contents of this
formula are very useful for removing menstniation disorder and other
problems of uterus, and to generate fresh blood making female to
bear normal babies.

Formula No. 10

Randhori Burl Ras
Scalp produces a different type of protein which intacts
he hair in hair policies. This protein is responsible for the tight
attachment of hair to scalp. But the application of different soaps,
shampoos, oils destroy that protein and weakens the attachment
of hair, resulting in the falling of hair, dandnufl, continued headache,
double headed hair, early maturation of hair, ultimately resulting In
baldness. Application of Randhori Buts Ras regenerates that protein
which makes strong attachment of hair with scalp and hair becomes
long, black and thick.

Formula No. 11

For Special Badshahi Tala
If, Mastmbation, Sodomy, intercourse with prostitutes are
performed in adolescent stage, those develop distorted heat. That
distoned heat invades urethra and veins of penis which causes
weakness of blood vessels of penis. Following symptoms may be
developed , such as improper erection of penis, Penis becomes
short, thin, contracted and may be diverted to Right or Left.
Flakiness of penis, recurrent seminal discharge, no erection for
proper intercourse. But, if special Badhshahi 11Ia medicine is applied
then it removes above written all problems and tones up the penis
and improves its length & diameter and also improves its blood
The women who give breast feed , their breasts become
flabby, develop fat & there is loss of shape of breasts. Application
of Badshahi Tula causes improvement of blood circulation of breasts,
shape up these & tightness occurs. It may be applied over vagina
and that causes tightness of vagina.

Formula No. 12

For Gout and Diseases of Vata etc.
The food especially protein that we eat are digested in
stomach. But due to reduced digestive power of stomach, it is
unable to properly digest proteins in rich food. More and more uric
add, which is end product of protein, is produced and directly mixes
with blood, elevates blood uric acid and level. During circulation,
that uric acid is deposited in diffent joints of body & that is known
as Gout. Symptoms as reduced blood circulation, inflammation of
joints, painful joints, Tophys formation of fingers joint, Dryness of
body, Stiffness of joints, inflammation of body parts, backache,
joint pd., kneejointand bodyache etc. and permanentfunctioning
of jdnts. Reduced blood circulation may cause paralysis, hemiplegia
etc. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in curing
and removing the above written symtoms and makes the body

Formula No. 13

For Hysteria and Epilepsy etc.
Hysteria usually occurs in those females who are not
satisfied in sexual intercourse. There are also other causes of
hysteria like Tension, Depression, Fear, Anger, Family and
Psychiatric problems etc. Hysteria is mainly related to brain.
Hysteria reduces and dimnishes the power of sight, hearing, talking,
numbness in brain, tumour, Restlessness, Shon-temperament, fits,
body spasm, pale face, Anaemia, Indigestion. Male, Female and
children may be affected with this disorder. The medicinal contents
of this formula are very useful in above disorders. This is a brain
tonic and generates fresh blood.

Formula No. 14

Special Johar lshq Ambar
Most of the males are suffering from these symtoms, like
tiredness after one or two intercourses, Delayed erection of penis,
etc which occur due to excessive use of narcotic drugs and doing
intercourse after taking drugs, excessive intake of spicy and hot
things, masturbation, and pollution etc. are the causes which
increase the heat of our body and seminal discharge becomes
watery. The amount of discharge also decreases. The time period
of intercourse is reduced and results in early discharge. There is
no satisfaction of sex between male and female. Special Johan
lshq Ambar is very useful in these problems and man can do 4-5
times intercourse in the same night without any tiredness or
laziness. This medicine is useful in increasing the density of semen
and also improves the erection of penis. During intercourse, the
male and female get properly satisfied.

Formula No. 15

For Fattiness (Obesity)
The food which we eat, after digestion is used in nourishing
all components of our body. But weak digestive power is unable
to nurse all components of body, but only one component -fat is
much more nursed. That is why fat is increased more and more.
Increased fat during ciruclation is deposited in various locations
of body. Such as Abdomen, loin region, Neck, Buttocks etc.
and body becomes heavy, bulky. Breathing problems occur during
walking. Laziness of body, Tiredness, Knee joint painful,
constipation, gas trouble, heaviness of head, Restlessness,
Distorted shape of body, all result from excessive fat. Fatiness
has great role in elevation of cholestrol value in blood and
developed various diseases, like Blood Pressure, Cardiac
diseases. Deposited Chloestrol in blood vessels causes narrowing
of blood vessels resulting in hewn attack. The medicinal contents
of this formula reduces fatiness, reduces the body weight and
normalizes the blood cholestrol values and reduces the chance
of recurrence of these diseases.

Formula No. 16

For Piles and Fistula
Piles develop due to more intake of hot, spicy food,
non-vegetable meal, Hsh in summer. Use of strong laxative causes
dryness of intestines and decreases the Peristalic movement of
intestine causing constipation. Piles are of two types – Internal
Piles and External Piles. Symptoms like constipation, Mucus
developed causing pain and burning sensation, itching, bleeding,
prolapse of mucus etc.
Fistula, Rectal prolapse, Prolapse of vagina and rectum
in females. The medicinal contents of this formula is very useful in
Internal, External piles and Fistula. This formula treats and
eradicates the above disorders.

Formula No. 17

For Gas Trouble and Hyperacidity
All types of food, we eat propel stomach by oseophgeal
peristalic movement. Due to distoned vats, such food material
remain undigested and remain in stomach for long time & get
decomposed and develop hyperacidity and gas. Symptoms like :-
Abdominal distortion, weakness in intestine mobility, intake food
remains undigested, Dysentry develops, Hepatitic disorder,
oseophygeal and Retrosternal burning, Regurgitation, Reflux,
Restlessness, Palpitation, Headache, burning sensation of eye,
Abdominal pain, Hyperacidity, Enteritis, Gastric ulcers etc. If these
are not treated, then more serious problems like blood pressure,
Jaundice etc. develop. The medicinal contents of this formula are
very useful in all gastric problems and improves the digestion and
makes the body healthy.

Formula No. 18

Sade-Mastani Pills
This formula is a complex of various precious herbs. Some
males hurt their body by their own hands and invite various problems.
Such as excessive drinking, intercourse with prostitutes,
masturbation, Sodomy. Early old age, Diabetes melitus, fatlness,
etc. are the causes of recurrent discharge of penis, Reduced Blood
supply of penis, Divined and shortness of Penis, loss of erection
power, Flabiness of Penis, mental weakness etc. develop. If these
are not treated early, more serious problems also develop such as
loss of erection power, loss of libido. Then both male and female
are not able to satisfy each other. When sperm count reduces,
Oligospenmia, nacrospermia develop – known as impotency. The
Sada Mastani Pills are very useful in these disorders and remove
the above shown diseases and improve the sexual power unto old
age. These pills are also used with otherformulae which increases
its potency many times.

Formula No. 19

For Hernia and Tumour
When distorted intestine, fat, vats and fluid etc. are upset
from their positions, they capture another position called Hemia in
Ayuweda. These are various types :-
Testicles are enlarged due to fluid, air, fat and mass.
causing pain, inflammation, somniferous enlargement. Tumour,
fat, neoplasms in testis. Distorted vats and fluid are also able to
make Tumour like testis.
The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in
Hemia and Tumour. Also prevent recurrence of Hemia and Tumour.

Formula No. 20

For Special Panchratan
Male and Female both can use Panchratan in any age.
Spedal Panchratan can cure and eradicate various following serious
disorders like :- Cardiac diseases, hypertension, Diabetes melitus,
Asthma, Psychiatric problems, Paralysis, High Uric Acid in blood,
Gout, Fatiness, Hi-choleslrol, Lecorrhia etc. develops body
weakness, digestive powerdecreases. Loss of appetite, Aplastic
anaemia, Jaundice, Emaciated body, weakness in sexual power
in males, retaining power of brain down, laziness of body. All above
problems are cured by this fomruia which develops fresh blood,
keeps body healthy. This formula can also be used by healthy
individuds, and for ever immunity develops against above disorders.
Sexual power of man makes persistence unto old age.

Formula No. 21

For Eye-Diseases and Psychiatric Disorders
There are various causes which create various types of
eye diseases. Such as weakness of musculature of eye ball,
optic nerve, brain, excess of mental burden, more study burden, to see micro-scopic things, more constipation, cold, corezya, under
psychiatric problems, excessive use of Tabasco and Alcohol,
Ageing, strong head injury etc. Short eye sight and distant eye
sight weakness, unable to see small words, darkness, mud
headache,tiredness during Beaming and to see small things,
spectacles at small age. Night blindness, Epiphora, itching
sensation in eye, mental weakness to forget the things,
restlessness, vertigo. The medicinal contents of this formula are
very useful in psychiatric problems. It tones up the brain and heart
and improves the eye sight and removes me spectacles and makes
the body healthy.

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